Welcome to the"TROPICAL GIDA"

100% Certainty regarding hygiene, fruit safety and social standards

Our products satisfy the highest quality requirements, as we certainly won’t settle for anything less.

Tropical Gıda  wants you, as our client, to be able to trust the quality of all our products. This is why we do absolutely everything within our power to safeguard this quality.

Only those growers who satisfy the Global GAP standards and comply with all EU MRL regulations are good enough to be considered as suppliers. The conditions in all production locations are strictly monitored through regular on-site checks. 

Why choose us

We care about the freshness of the supplied commodities.


The TROPICAL GIDA is careful to grow all products under natural conditions and works hard for everyone to consume delicious fruit.


TROPICAL GIDA provides consumers with all sorts of fruit that grow under different climates and in good, healthy and hygienic conditions.


TROPICAL GIDA  provides Countries with fresh fruit that adheres to global quality standards without breaking the standard cold chain, critical to the health of the product.

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